Aerial Silks

We offer aerial silks classes as pop up sessions, typically 3-week or 6-week sessions, for levels Intro, 1, 2 & 3.

Check back often after September 1st for our next aerial silk pop up session.

(Adult groups, private sessions, and party reservations available upon request.)


  • Bring a water bottle.

  • Please wear a shirt that covers your arm pits (short or long sleeved) and fitted pants.

  • Remove all jewelry prior to class.

  • Make sure finger nails are filed to avoid snagging the silks.

  • Socks are encouraged but not mandatory.

  • Bring a playful attitude and an open mind!

  • We discourage the use of oils and lotions on your body when performing aerial. This keeps the silks clean and fresh for the next participant. We do wash and sanitize the silks frequently.

If you have any health issues or concerns, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before scheduling your aerial session. Although aerial is beneficial to many, there are certain health conditions that are a contraindication to aerial. Participating in aerial with the following conditions is not recommended:

  • Pregnancy: Many of the inversions can be uncomfortable and stressful for you and your baby.

  • Glaucoma, recent eye surgery, or brain injury: Because inverted poses can increase pressure in the brain, inverted aerial poses are not recommended.

  • Low or high blood pressure, or any heart conditions: Sudden shifts in the intracellular pressure can adversely affect these conditions.

  • Vertigo: Sudden changes in position may trigger dizziness.

  • Recent Botox injections (within 48 hours): The reversed gravitational pull experienced during some aerial poses may have an adverse effect on this procedure.


Intro to Aerial Silks

Our Aerial Intro class typically consists of 20 minutes in strengthening poses, 20 minutes of stretching, 20 minutes of inversions and relaxation. Our intro class is appropriate for complete beginners. No experience required. 


Level 1 Aerial Silks

Our Level 1 class introduces additional techniques such as pull-ups, flips, inversion variations, and other fun tricks. It is mandatory for students to complete at least 2-3 aerial intro classes before attempting the Level 1 class. 


Private Training & Events

Private aerial classes, parties, and workshops for kids are also available for individuals or small groups by request. We love working with clients on a one-to-one basis or in a private setting. Please contact us for more details.

Meet Our Aerial Instructors... 



Ember is a certified aerial instructor, registered yoga instructor 200 RYT, has years of dance training, and will leave you feeling confident, inspired, and empowered!

To schedule or inquire about a private class, workshop, or party with Ember please click the button below.



Erica is a certified aerial instructor, registered yoga instructor 200 ERYT, has years of gymnastics training, and happens to be one of the kindest people you'll ever meet!

To schedule or inquire about a private class, workshop, or party with Erica please click the button below.


Not sure if aerial is for you?  Here’s a little more information about this awesome format to help you get your booty off the couch and into the air!

Q: What even IS aerial?

A:  A series of poses and postures where we are sitting/laying/wrapped up in a silk hammock that is suspended from the ceiling. 

Q: Wait a minute, I’m in the AIR?! I don’t want to fall from the ceiling!

A:  Your body won’t be any further than 3 feet from the floor at any time.  So basically, you’re actually CLOSER to the ground then you would be if you sat on your dining room table.

Q: What’s the weight limit?

1,000 pounds - So you're good to go! If you can perform 5 full sit-ups then you are ready for aerial classes. 

Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t do aerial?

A: While we think the benefits can help anyone, it’s probably not the best idea to swing upside down if you have a history of experiencing vertigo; And as always, if you are pregnant you should discuss it with your doctor before coming to class.