Meet Monica - Our Fine Arts Preschool Director

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Monica!

We are THRILLED to introduce you to this incredible lady and the new face of The Little One's Fine Arts Christian Preschool at SODC. It’s quite a beautiful story how we met Monica! She certainly fell into our laps at precisely the right time and we are giddy with the vision and potential she brings to the table. Monica was born and raised in Keller, Texas where God blessed her with a passion for dance and education. 

Monica has been dancing for 23 years! She started out in a studio dancing, where she participated in recreational classes, company classes, and competitive dance. She was an officer for her high school drill team and went on to graduate from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance.

While attending the University of North Texas she began working part time job in the classroom as a dance and fitness instructor. She collaborated with children of all ages promoting proper health and fitness, as well as teaching the basics of tap, ballet and jazz! Upon graduating college, Monica moved to the classroom as a full-time pre-k teacher. She have been in the classroom for more than 7 years and helps the youth of the community grow through education and dance! 

We’re beyond honored to have Monica on our team and cannot wait to witness the magic of her amazing vision for the Little Ones.