Elite Company Teams


SODC Elite Company Teams

The award winning SODC Elite Company is comprised of talented and dedicated dancers who share a passion for the art of dance and dance performance. The Company strives to expose it's dancers to the highest level of instruction while giving them additional performing and competing opportunities throughout the year. 

Members must dance at an intermediate or advanced level in a variety of dance styles and exhibit superior performing skills. The Elite Company Teams are constucted by teacher invitation only. Rising Stars is the only team students can audition for. Rising Stars audition in April each year. Placement in Elite Company is made by the Company Directors. This process is done over the course of a dance year by observing the students during class. Any student wishing to transfer to Studio One from another studio will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may be invited to dance with the company.

If a student is invited to dance with Elite Company, that invitation is for one year only. The current student should exemplify technical and emotional growth throughout their dance year in order to receive an invitation for the following dance year.

The Elite Dance Company of Studio One Dance Center is a select group of dancers in an advanced learning environment that use their talents to praise the Lord. The Elite Dance Company is committed to pursuing excellence in the art of dance. By being servant leaders, the Elite Dance Company members will represent Studio One at dance competitions, conventions, and community events.

Adult Ballet


Adult Ballet

Adult ballet classes offer the art of dance for beginners through advanced levels. Classes promote technique, fitness and self-confidence for women and men. Ballet is the basis of all other dance forms.  This one-hour class teaches students grace as well as being a great work out! Our classes are based on classical ballet technique but also have times for self expression and creativity. 

Musical Theater


 7-18 Years - Musical Theater

Musical Theater is the art of singing, acting, and dancing. Classes will include instruction in voice and musical theater dance technique to Broadway music. This class is an hour long and an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for school or community theater auditions as well as developing confidence and stage presence in young dancers.

Kids Dance 1


5-8 Years Tap, Ballet & Jazz - Kids Dance 1

This is a 90-minute dance class that consists of 30 minutes each tap, ballet, and jazz.  In Kids Dance 1, jazz is introduced for the first time for most of the students and brings a whole new level of excitement to dance class! In ballet, dancing at the barre is introduced, and for tap, counting and finding rhythm are main goals. 

Taps N Twirls


4-5 Years - Tap, Ballet, & Tumbling

This hour-long class is the next step in the learning process!  With the child now having a bit of a longer attention span the class consists of 25 minutes of tap, 25 minutes, of ballet and 10 minutes of tumbling.  This class builds upon the 3-4-year-old program and also includes the element of self-expression and free dance.

This is the 2nd year of the Leap n' Learn curriculum and the goal for each month is the same as the 3-4 year program but the concept they are studying is now expanded even further giving them more movement to have fun in dance. 

Dancin Tots

3-4 Years - Tap, Ballet, & Tumbling

This 55-minute class builds on the basics, fundamentals, and continues to introduce the FUN of dance to the student.  The class consists of 20 minutes of tap, 20 minutes of ballet, and 15 minutes of tumbling.  Our main goal is still for the student to love movement but now the element of self-expression. Free dance is added to the program and we use a set curriculum beginning with this age group called Leap n' Learn that has a different goal for each month of class.  

Dancin Babies

2-3 Years Old Tap, Ballet, & Tumbling

This is a 45 minute teacher led class which introduces the student to the basics of dance and tumbling. It's all about having fun, making friends, and glorifying God through movement! 

This class introduces the fun of dance! The class consists of 15-minutes of tap, 15-minutes of ballet, and 15-minutes of tumbling.  Our main goal is for the student to love movement and God!  We use fun props and themes to keep these "little ballerinas" engaged during dance class. This class fills up quickly! Let's get ready to dance!

Mommy & Me


18 months-2 year-  Mommy & Me

This is a 45 min. teacher facilitated mommy led class which prepares the student for the independent 2-3-year-old tap, ballet, and tumbling class. 

The first section of the class will be for mommy assisted "free play" and obstacle course which will work on the tumbling skills and the second section of the class will focus on creative movement which concentrates on stretching, ballet, and tap.  The use of music, props, and monthly themes keep the class high energy and engaging.